Poached Salmon & Aioli

With wild garlic just beginning to flower, an alternative aioli springs to mind ... aioli over poached salmon.

Now for some perfect partners ...

Grapefruit. No, really, pink grapefruit works especially well with salmon, the citrus cutting through and that subtle sweetness really adding to the party.

With the grapefruit comes juice, and so we can make up an alternative aioli, which, traditionally, is simply an emulsification of lemon juice, egg yolk, olive oil and garlic.

...a "semen-like sauce", if you believe Wiki. Yum? Not!

Er ... proper food ...

First, let's poach the salmon. I don't want anything too salty, so the salmon simply sat in some boiled water on a low heat for about 20 minutes, which gives us ample time to put the rest together.

The aioli is simply a case of taking the juice from segmenting half a pink grapefruit and squeezing the juice from the remaining carcass into a bowl. Add two egg yolks and whisk in olive oil is a very slow stream. You'll see when you've got the right consistency, which should be light but just past whipped.

Last, add in some shredded wild garlic.

What else? A couple of fun sides ... Swede Remoulade and a Vegetable Salad.

Swede Remoulade? Dead easy - just grate some swede, add some mayonnaise (which you can make or just buy a good mayo ... check the ingredients) and a touch of mustard. Voilà! Swede Remoulade.

Vegetable Salad? Take the grapefruit segments and fold into shredded raw fennel, adding in some very gently cooked tenderstem broccoli and asparagus. Fold together and add some sea salt and black pepper.

Is your fish ready? 20 minutes should have done it.

Retrieve the fish, dry it off and place it centrally on the plate and spoon over some of the aioli, salad and remoulade each side.

Perfect combinations, each element bringing its own thing and each offsetting any overindulgences any other part might.