Breakfast ... Primally

I could make the time, I guess, but I prefer those few extra minutes of sleep over eating something ... I could be prepared and have something ready to grab and eat on the go, but prefer to simply continue my overnight ketosis and fast my way through to lunchtime where I enjoy a good salad.

I find myself a sharper person through the morning; more focussed.

Cordain maintains that our ancestors would not have eaten breakfast of the type and at the time that we do in the West, but if they did eat anything upon waking it would be leftovers from the meal the night before or whatever was easily obtainable in the immediate surroundings ... perhaps the morning lay of eggs?

Cordain encourages us to consider our meal frequency and timing, and places most emphasis upon the evening meal which should be the focus and provide tribal time. Lunch is simply food which is easily obtained while hunting and gathering, eaten on the go; small amounts.

So, fasting through breakfast, a light lunch and a good evening meal is the recommendation.

Weekends are different ...

No work to get up for, a more relaxed awakening and potentially a more active day ahead, breakfasting is something I "do" at the weekends ... and ... you guessed it, it's leftovers and eggs. Almost always.

Surplus poached chicken and leftover macerated salad served with avocado and cottage cheese:

Remainder of a packet of smoked salmon, fried leftover baked potato and leftover salads served with avocado and scrambled eggs:

Leftover chicken and peppers from a Friday meal of Chicken Fajitas served over spinach and some scrambled eggs alongside:

Leftover Chilli Con Carne with fried rice served on a banana pancake:

Surplus poached salmon served with leaves, bacon and a poached egg:

Leftover Curried Seafood Rice bulked out with some chopped lamb's liver and a boiled egg:

... you get the idea.

You don't need to think with leftovers ... just put them together with eggs and you have breakfast.