Open Nordic Sandwich

Open Nordic Sandwich
The open sandwich can be found across Europe and Scandinavia, each nation bringing its own variation, but nowhere is it more celebrated than in Denmark where is it practically an institution.

The open sandwich, or open-faced sandwich, is a simple slice of bread topped with meat or fish, sometimes pâté, eggs, pickles and salad.

Originating perhaps as early as the 6th Century (according to Wiki) but certainly during the Middle Ages, the bread was in place of a plate and the food layed over, the bread eaten at the end.

As paleo eaters, we don't eat bread. I could have made up a loaf of nut/seed bread or even just gone for a less problematic slice of rye bread, but it's just as much fun to remove the bread altogether ... we have plates, afterall.

While many open-faced sandwiches are quite simple, based around one or two ingredients, I decided to go to the other extreme, to the quite ridiculous and load everything I could think of onto a plate. Actually, I was inspired by such a similar creation that I ate in Stockholm airport only a few days before.

So, your open-faced sandwich can be anything you want ... meat or fish, perhaps pâté, eggs, pickles and salad.

I went with some nice lettuce at each side of a rectangular plate.

Next, some smoked salmon and prawns in stripes.

Fill in the gaps with boiled egg, sliced, pickled beetroot, pickled gherkin, tomato, cucumber and pink grapefruit segments! Yes, pink grapefruit, a perfect accompaniment to smoked salmon.

Poke a few cubes of chicken liver pâté in and garnish with dill, lots of dill.