Turkey Patties

Turkey Patties
Dead simple ...

Turkey is a lean meat, great for a light meal alongside some good fats from, say, avocado ... I also made just a few fat fries, fried in goose fat.

The burgers ...

Take a pound of turkey mince. Try really hard not to mess with it, fiddle with it or get it mushed up, but divide into four and gently squeeze each up into a ball.

Press the ball flat making a patty around five inches round. Salt over the top.

Fire up your griddle pan and grille them.

Serve with a simple salad and your favourite sauce alongside. I went with avocado, tomato, some pea shoots and a ramekin of daikon tartar.

Daikon tartar? You know ... Tartar Sauce?

Peel, cube and boil some daikon. Blend it with some mascarpone and use it for another meal a couple of days ago. Leftovers ... so, squeeze of lemon juice, sea salt, black pepper, finely chopped dill and roughly chopped pickled gherkins.

I also made a few fat fries, fried in goose fat.

The remainder of the potato went into a Leek & Potato Soup for starters.

Leek & Potato Soup

The leeks were the green tops off a leek used in another meal which you'll see tomorrow: a Nordic Meat Soup of reindeer, swede, carrot and leek.

In the kitchen, the tops, tails, ends, trimmings and excess can all be used for simple accompaniments or whole courses, sometimes ... it just takes putting together. This soup, for example, made from the trimmings of two entirely different meals.

You can collect up these scraps or just use them on the fly for a soup course or perhaps a little taster in between courses. Imagination and invention ... get your brains working and chase the creative.

Have fun ...