Steamed Coley

Steamed Coley
Occasionally, I eat rice. White rice.

Want to know more? Check out The Perfect Health Diet. I do err on the carbier side of paleo and find that a moderate amount of carbs in a dish which is otherwise quite low in fat works out well.

What do we have here, then?

Some fish and some vegetables: carrot, cabbage, tenderstem broccoli, courgette and aubergine. The fish is coley, a North Atlantic white fish, less flaky than cod.

Fillet and skin the fish, laying it on some kitchen foil in a steamer. The foil helps lifting the fish out, which can end up falling apart otherwise.

Get the rice cooking.

Cut up the vegetables and arrange them in a steamer with the ones that need less cooking towards the top.

Place both steamers over a pan of boiling water and let it cook through - this will only take a few short minutes.

Push the rice into a ramekin and then invert on the plate for a nice mound shape, arranging the veggies and laying the fish over the top. Garnish. I used some pea shoots and a sprinkle of Icelandic Ash Salt over the fish.

I did some cauliflower rice for my Mrs by simply steaming and crushing a few florets.

There's a little goat yoghurt, dill and lemon juice mayonnaise, too.

My inspiration for this dish was a simple steamed fish lunch at a café in Reykjavik where the 'Fish of the Day' was coupled with pretty much whatever they had ... vegetables and rice; a very welcome lunch.