Simple Swordfish Steaks

Swordfish Steaks
... some days, just just want something really simple.

I got some great looking swordfish from my local fishmonger. Nutritional profile is really good: protein, fat and strongly anti-inflammatory.

Swordfish couples well with strong, spiky flavours, so I made up a little salsa from tomatoes, cucumber, spring onions, red onion, dill and red wine vinegar.

This was left to sit for about an hour.

I also fancied some cabbage, which I steamed and then sat in a pan with goose fat ready to just warm through and "wet up" with more good fat while the steaks cook through.

Ready to eat?

Get your griddle pan fired up ...

Sit the steaks on for a couple of minutes each side to sear and cook through, laying some asparagus alongside to grill.

Warm the cabbage through in the goose fat.

Plate up ...

Cabbage down first, steaks on top, asparagus alongside, salsa over and garnish: pea shoots in my case.

... a good splash of Tabasco, or similar, over the meat is always good.