Raspberry Soufflé

Raspberry SouffleHighly experimental!

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Who doesn't like Hollandaise? You? Okay, we all love Hollandaise! But, what to do with all those leftover egg whites?

We could make up a mega-egg, frying the lot in a large pan and cracking one fresh egg with yolk into the middle. We could make a bacon and egg sandwich, frying just the whites as one large wrap to fold around bacon. We could whisk them up with some sugar and make meringue ... but that's not very primal.

We could ... make a soufflé!

No flour, no substitute ... No sugar, no substitute!

Primal palates are quite happy without sugar and without some sweet substitute. Using good berries, we want to taste good berries - even with tart berries like raspberries there is sufficient sweetness in them.

So, is it really going to be this simple?

Oven on ... 200C/400F.

I had three egg whites. I had no idea what ratio of white to berries to go with, so grabbed a cupful - a coffee cup, rather than a measured cup.

Blend the berries with a hand blender. Blend them really well. Pass through a sieve and you have a thick jus.

Whisk the whites. Whisk them really well until a thick, velvet consistency appears capable of forming peaks as the whisk is withdrawn.

Fold the berry jus into the whites and gently turn it through a few times.

Raspberry Souffle
Spoon the whites into ramekins. Mound them up high for a rustic look or shave them off at the height of the ramekin and run a thumb around the edge of the rim so that they rise uniformly.

The three eggs and a cup of berries made four ramekins.

Into the over for 7-10 minutes.

They will rise, but eat them straight away since they will drop if not dived into immediately.

So, did it work?

Yes, and no. Yes, it tasted fantastic! The tartness of the berries was gorgeous folded through soft airy fluff. No, it felt like something was missing - not sugar; it was just a bit ... well, empty? Perhaps that is the nature of soufflé?

I posted this on g+ Communities and a few ideas came through ...

  • Mint. Mint with raspberry. I'm sure this will fill in the emptiness and round off the flavours.
  • Pepper. With strawberry. Same thing, just rounding off the flavours.

Want something sweet? savoury?

  • Bacon and maple syrup.
  • Goat cheese and leek.

The options are quite literally endless, but as an experiment into making a flourless and sugarless soufflé, I think I succeeded. The next batch will be more professional looking and more rounded.

Have fun ...