Fire & Ice ... or, Scallops with Chilli & Icelandic Ash Salt

Scallops with Chilli & Icelandic Ash Salt
While in Iceland (the country, not the shop ... before everyone goes en masse down to that frozen food retailer and winds up disappointed), I picked up some black salt.

"Icelandic flake salt from the Saltverk Reyjaness in the Icelandic Westfjords has a fantastic crispy crunch, clean mild flavour and good aftertaste.

The black colour comes from activated charcoal, resembling the Icelandic black lava and referring to the use of environmentally friendly geothermal energy in the drying process." http://www.urta.is

Want a closer look?

Icelandic Black Lava Salt
Icelandic Black Lava Salt

Upon returning to Britain, we went food shopping and I could not resist some really gorgeous looking plump and fresh scallops.

How to dress them up, though? Really good scallops need little more than flash frying in butter and eating ...

... but, we were having an evening of spicy Mexican-inspired food and it really should tie-in somehow. Easy! Chilies, lime juice and a garnish of coriander. Perfect for the fire! Icelandic salt sprinkled over for the ice.

The black, green and white we'd enjoyed some much as the landscape of Iceland.