Dinosaur Burgers!

Dinosaur Burgers!
Dinosaur Burgers?

Okay ... okay ... you got me ... but these are from today's living relative, the descendants of dinosaurs: the turkey.

After Prawn & Turkey Laab last night, we had some mince left over. What better than burgers?

Turkey mince is quite wet. Maybe yours isn't but this was. Handling it carefully so as not to mush up the fibres too much, I placed it in a bowl and rinded a lemon over, added some thyme, black pepper, ground coriander and sea salt, then gently folded it all together.

That's it! Burgers should be 100% ... or as close to it as you can. Also, the fibres should be fiddled with as little as possible so that the burgers end up with some texture rather than pink slime mush.

So, burger meat ready, I formed quarter pounders in 4" Chef rings and transferred to the skillet carefully, removing the rings once they were happily settled in a puddle of gently frying goose fat.

Gently does it ... 3-5 minutes each side and we'll have nicely cooked, slightly browned, not burned and not dry burgers, oozing natural moisture and flavour.

Serve out on a lettuce leaf to wrap it and a little relish alongside.

I went with a chilli, sliced and steeped in some red wine vinegar. One chilli for two people, a tablespoon is just right for the vinegar. After a few minutes, slosh in your favourite condiment. I went with Tabasco Buffalo Sauce.

Chilli Relish

Being breakfast, we had some scrambled eggs alongside. The first burger was eaten more like a Shami Kebab, halves and dipped in the relish, the second wrapped up in the leaf.

What a great way to start a leisurely day off.

It's a fantastic day! Sunny, bright, clear and just hovering around zero ... perfect walking weather.