Galette de Saracen

Breakfast ...

Inspired by the French regional Galette de Sarrasin, or buckwheat crêpe, I set about making my own take using more primal-friendly ingredients.

I am not wholly against using buckwheat - it is, afterall, not actually a grain, nor a cereal, but a seed and (according to Wikipedia) curiously related to sorrel, knotweed and rhubarb, and entirely gluten-free.

But ... I didn't have any in, so, I used an egg and a banana.

Back up ...

Yes, that's it! Per person, one banana and one egg.

Peel and break down the banana with a fork. Crack in an egg and keep mashing to a fine paste. It need not be a purée; a few lumps are fine. You could use a food blender, but it's more fun with a fork.

Pour the batter into a well greased skillet - I used goose fat, and plenty of it.

Saracen? I'm playing on words ...

While the crêpe is cooking, sprinkle over some cumin and coriander; warming spices from the Middle East.

Fry an egg alongside.

Now, to make it a meal ...

Our French cousins over the channel take this simple crêpe and make it into quite a fine dish. Type "galette de sarrasin" into your favourite search engine and hit the 'Images' button for some inspiration.

Pork, cheese an egg, perhaps some crème fraîche and smoked salmon, how about some pâté? Fold the corners over, roll, fold in half ... there seems to be no rules here which is great, because I am probably so far from the path now there's little hope in getting back.

I went with some really good chicken liver pâté and fried egg, sloshing some chipotle Tabasco over and garnishing with chopped chives.

Alongside, tea, like all civilised people ... with a slab of salted goat butter ... like all good uncivilised people!

Did it work? Yes, it did ... actually, the mild sweetness in the crêpe coupled with the warmth from the spices worked very well with the subtle sweetness in the liver pâté and the egg just bound everything together.

Gorgeous! Certainly one to do again.