Poached Trout Warm Salad

Poached Trout Warm Salad
Very similar in technique to yesterday's Sea Bass Sandwich, today, poached trout. Just the one fillet, though.

No trout? Salmon will do just fine - get the thin tail fillets.

To poach thin fillets of trout or salmon, I just use boiling water and a pinch of bouillon powder for which I go with Marigold brand.

Simply place the fillets in a pan, pour boiling water over and pop the lid on. Let it sit like that for a good half hour. It'll probably ready before, but I like relaxed cooking - it's still be ready when I'm ready.

Some warm ingredients ...

Carrots, salad potatoes and broccoli. Simply slice the potatoes, peel and cut the carrots into chunks and break up the broccoli florets. Boil and steam, as appropriate.

I boiled a few eggs as well - lunch, tomorrow and a couple just to eat, one of which ended up on the plate.

Meanwhile, dress a plate ...

Salad leaves and black pepper. Eggs slices ... fridge open ... sliced pickled beetroot. That'll do.

Plate up ...

With the veggies cooked through, scatter over the plate and top with the poached trout fillet.

Sauce ...

Soured cream, lemon juice and a generous amount of chopped dill. Hollandaise would be very good, too.