Duck! Fajita?

Duck! Fajita?

No, Duck Fajita!

Fancy something a little different? I was looking back through some food pictures and reminded just how good some birds are.

I can take or leave chicken, besides which most are factory slaughtered in a manner which I am not happy with; likewise, turkey.

Seasonal game birds are always good, preferably with warnings around shot in the meat, but also small production farms who can bring up ethically reared and slaughtered birds: duck and goose, namely.

My local supermarket carries a reasonable stock of Gressingham Duck Company products. Pushing aside the Duck in Plum Sauce, Duck in Orange Sauce  and Spicy Aromatic Duck, I found a container of what was labelled "Mini Breasts". In reality, I think these are the offcuts of trimmed breast, but there was a good amount at a good price.

But, what to do with them?

Pepped up with a dipping sauce and served with rice pancakes was one suggestion, nice salad of mooli and cucumber juliennes alongside.

What about fusion?

Take just that notion and go Mexican? It is Friday night afterall: Mexican Night!

So, duck, sweet red peppers, cucumber, tomato, marjoram, chilli, ginger, garlic and chives left to marinate in lime juice for a good hour, some fajitas made up with polvidho azedo (Manchego in place of the pecorino, here) and a guacamole alongside, chilli sauce for flavour.

I make up one from Maggi Chilli Sauce (which is just Chilli and a little sugar), Worcestershire Sauce, Tomato Ketchup (British Heinz brand is not quite as evil as it is in the US) and a little lemon juice. Relax! It's a condiment. You can do better, I'm sure! Please do.

... and there we are: Fajitas, done a little different.