Haddock Hash

Haddock Hash
Mondays tend to bring fast, easy and eclectic dishes using up any leftovers from the weekend, the tail ends of veggies and really just a general clear-out.

Today was no exception. In fact, today was a perfect example ...

I have a load of haddock tails which we've been feeding the kitten with, but truth be told ... some of it is too good for cats, and so to keep a fresh supply going, we're going to have to take one for the team and eat some ourselves.

So, for two people I have about half a pound of mixed haddock pieces.

The other ingredients were: sweet potato, carrot, courgette, chestnut mushrooms, green pepper, celery, spring onion, chillies and garnished with parsley. Egg on top - boiled for me, fried for the Mrs.

How to? Par boil the carrot and sweet potato for three or four minutes, drain and drop into a heavy based skillet with a load of good fat: yes, goose fat for me! Coconut oil would be great, too.

Add in the other ingredients: courgette and mushrooms will soak up the fat while the fish cooks through. The spring onions, celery and chillies will warm through and give their subtle flavours to the dish, as will the green pepper which will also bring a pleasant crunch.

I served out like that, although if you're into coconut, I think some canned coconut milk over would make a really nice stew, especially with a stronger chilli, say Scotch Bonnet.

Bonus Recipe: Jamaican Sheep Curry

Using lamb, mutton or goat, soak overnight in coconut milk and then simmer  in a lidded skillet along with a Scotch Bonnet pepper for a good couple of hours until tender, refreshing with water as it evaporates.

Using the same vegetables, perform the same preparation in another pan and then pour the just-cooked vegetables into the meat stew. You could simplify right back and just go with sweet potato, green pepper and spring onions.

Boom! That does sound good!