Fast Fish Cakes

Fast Fish Cakes
Forget all those faffy recipes with a whole load of ingredients and give those that suggest "dusting in flour" a wide berth!

These are Fast Fish Cakes!

Phew! What a great day! We're taking a few days day tripping and today was ... Bradford.

No, really! You rarely actually visit your home town as a tourist, so today ... we did. I have to say, once you've done the National Media Museum, had a nose at the mirror pool in the City Park and had one of our famous curries, you're about done.

So, home ...

... and we don't really have a lot in. I do have some haddock which we're sharing with the cat, a piece of smoked mackerel and some potatoes. We only want a light bite, since we've got a fun dessert coming up and so: Fish Cakes.

To make these, you need fish (duh!) and potato. Add flavours in, if you like, but it's fish and potato.

Boil up a roasting/baking potato like Maris Piper or Yukon Gold, having cut into small-ish pieces. You don't want to over boil them since some structure is good, but when they're done, drain them and allow all the steam to go off before handing.

Fish, you need the same amount as potato. Any will do. As I said, I had haddock and smoked mackerel.

Crush the potato and mix in the fish. Sea salt and black pepper for flavour, I added spring onions and chilli.

Form patties by balling up a suitable amount and then pressing flat, forming on a board with your fingers. You could use Chef's forming rings, but these are good a little rustic.

Fry off in a heavy based pan with a good amount of your favourite paleo fat, turning after a few minutes. I used goose fat. This will allow all the fish to cook through just right and the cake to colour up.

Serve out with a little salad and your favourite dipping sauce. I make up one from Maggi Chilli Sauce (which is just Chilli and a little sugar), Worcestershire Sauce, Tomato Ketchup (British Heinz brand is not quite as evil as it is in the US) and a little lemon juice. Relax! It's a condiment. You can do better - please do. I make this up maybe two, possibly three times a year.