Curried Vegetable Rice

Curried Vegetable Rice
Beyond Paleo folks will certainly appreciate this dish, as will folks who are experimenting with sources of resistant starch.

It's also something for your vegetarian friends, who can enjoy this dish while you put a piece of fish on top or some meat folded through ...

For me, this is breakfast.

My Mrs abhors rice (and curry, for that matter) so I made her a hash with potato and tomato; poached trout on top and a poached egg to crown.

Curried Vegetable Rice is simply a case of boiling up some rice in spices and adding in the vegetables towards the end just to cook through.

I don't weigh or measure, and don't get overly concerned about ratios of rice to water and length of time to cook. I guess I take my cue from Pakistani and North Indian methods that I have grown up with, where the rice in a pan sealed with a wet towel and lid on could be left for quite literally hours.

For one hungry person, I use about half a cup of Basmati Rice over which I sprinkle some spices, add salt and pour over some water. I say, "some" since I've never measured it. I just boil away until the rice is cooked through, puffed up and absorbed most of the water and then lower the heat to allow the remainder of the water to evaporate.

It is at that point that I toss in the veggies.

My spice mix? Equal portions of turmeric, ground coriander, ground cumin, asafoetida and fenugreek. I also add chilli powder to taste, or whole chillies chopped up and a good pinch of salt.

Veggies? Any will do. Literally, any. Here, I went with celery, carrots, spring onions, red pepper, green pepper, courgette (I think) and some chives. Any will do ... just chop down nice and small, and fold in once the rice has absorbed most of the water.

Let's make it a meal ...

Trout. Poached. Salmon would do well, as would some smoked fish, perhaps poached in milk. Haddock, say.

Let's also poach an egg - all meals are better with an egg on top.

So, that was breakfast ...

I had some leftovers which did for another day, bulked out with some mushrooms and some black pudding.

Black Pudding? Yeah, blood and fat in large rounds.

Just fry off in your favourite paleo fat until cooked through and retrieve, fry off the mushrooms and then toss in the leftover rice. Chop up the black pudding and fold through at the end.

VoilĂ ! Another breakfast ...

Curried Vegetable Rice