Poached Salmon Salad

Poached Salmon Salad
It ain't half hot!

32C today ... which is hot hot hot for us folks here in the UK. It's still 30C and it's now gone 6 o'clock ... and I'm fencing in an hour!

Yeah, dressing up in ballistic material clothing and running around with a floppy sword for a couple of hours. Better still, for foil or sabre you've to wear a conductive jacket as well!

I fence foil and epee (no need for the metal jacket in epee since everything is on target, rather than just the area marked out by the jacket), so I think it'll be epee tonight ...

I had a light soup made up - it was just tenderstem broccoli stems, some onion, garlic and a little sea salt, but it's too hot for soup. My idea was to have the smoked salmon as a starter and then drop a few sauté potatoes into the soup.

Forget the soup ... I froze ours and combined the starter with some potatoes for a light meal.

You need: smoked salmon, boiled egg, tomato, cucumber, pickles: gherkin and beetroot, sour cream, dill, chives, black pepper and a little sea salt. Potato, lightly boiled and sautéed in butter.

Arrange, slosh a little olive oil over and you're done.