Eat More Gelatine!

Eat More Gelatin!
Blimey! Dessert?

Yes, indeed! Dessert ... and jelly, at that!

I'm going to get shot down here, but jelly is a superb paleo dessert.

Like many, I've been reading some Ray Peat. I don't subscribe, but I refuse to leave empty-handed.

Two takeaways for me: First, maybe work more fruit in; Second, don't neglect gelatine.

Skin, cartilage and marrow are the most gelatinous parts of a cut and so, cuts straight through, containing the bones, connective tissue and skin are best. Lamb Shanks, anyone?

But, how to work in more gelatine otherwise?

Well, gelatine comes in a couple of easy to use forms: sheets and powder. I use sheets regularly since I absolutely adore Panna Cotta. Set cream.

Jelly is my compromise. I don't like fruit, but wild berries are fine by me in season and surplus stored in the freezer for use out of season. I'm okay with grape juice, too, so long as it's fermented and French.

We can fool ourselves all we like about the health benefits of red wine, because in the end, it's the grape itself which is the good bit ... and so, my jelly is simply red grape juice, set with gelatine.

Day 1

Make jelly, simply by setting red grape juice with gelatine*.


Day 2

Make Panna Cotta**. Half and half cream is good, a touch of vanilla and sufficient gelatine* to set. Pour over, gently.


Day 3

Eat and enjoy ...


* Let's just clarify this. Your gelatine will have a guide around what volume of liquid a given amount will set. You know the volumes (if not, just measure it) so just put in the relevant amount of gelatine, following the guidance, and you're done.

** More clarification. Simply take these ingredients and warm 'em up in a pan, pour out into glasses or ramekins and you're done. Need more help? Have a nose at this and this.