Turkey Burgers! [Done Proper]

Turkey Burgers!
Pardon my French parlance ... it's Friday night. In case I do ...

It's Friday night! We've survived another week doing our thing, doing it well, doing it fucking well, but now it's time to kick back, enjoy the coming weekend and set Saturday morning up for a hangover from a tribal Friday night!


Turkey mince, garlic, ginger, chillies, ground coriander, sea salt and black pepper.

Portobello mushrooms, lettuce, tomato and avocado.


Griddle on ... portobello mushrooms on ...

Why? Because we don't eat bread! We eat nutritionally sound food, always, and without exception. So, get your portobello mushrooms on the griddle underside up until the liquid comes forth and then flip them ... pressing down and getting all that flavour back inside.

Oven ... 150C ... keep the mushies warm.


Turkey mince.

Easier, quicker and IMO better than beef mince for flavour and protein; spice up with chopped chillies, garlic and some minced ginger, sea salt, black pepper and coriander.

Turkey mince (in packets) can be sloppy. You're NOT going to form a burger, so just ball up the requisite amount of meat and throw it onto the grill pan. Press, squash and round the meat quickly on the pan.

Cook through, nothing more than a mere few minutes each side.


Mushrooms as the "bun", burgers inside.

You made some guac and sliced some tomatoes while you watched the burgers, right?

Beauty! Proper job, that.