Courgette Fritters

Courgette Fritters
... a spur of the moment starter.

With surplus courgette that would be leftover from the main course and a couple of egg whites sitting in the fridge, this little starter was whipped up in no time!

... from scratch, you'd need:
  • Courgette - half a courgette works out well for two people, serving a couple of fritters each
  • Onion, Garlic & Chilli - onion should be about half the volume of the courgette, the chilli de-seeded and thinly sliced and wild garlic work out really well if you can get hold of some
  • Sea salt, black pepper and spices - coriander and cumin give this a warming Middle Eastern flavour
  • Eggs - Use one or two whole eggs or just the whites if you've used the yolks for something else and are wondering what to do with the whites
  • Starch - for binding; arrowroot, manioc, cassava, potato, whatever it is you use
  • Fat - for shallow frying
Grate the courgette, slice up the onion and chilli. Mince the garlic. Mix together in a bowl.


Crack in an egg and mix with a fork. The egg should give the mix a sloppy feel. Add another egg if you don't think it's quite wet enough.

Spoon in the starch a little at a time and mix into the courgette. I use polvilho azedo (or, "sour starch"), the kind used for those Brazilian Cheese Puffs. You're looking for a loose mix, but don't sweat it if it looks too loose.

In a skillet, warm a generous amount of fat - goose fat, in my case. You can pour the fat into a ramekin for another use after cooking.

Using a spoon, drop in dollops of the courgette mix and cook through. They will self-level, so no need to press down or stress about rounding the shapes. Flip over a couple of times to ensure that the fritters are well cooked each side.

Serve up with a cooling bowl of yoghurt and lemon juice alongside. Don't do dairy? Squeeze some lemon juice over and enjoy.