Fish Shito with Spring Green Vegetables

Fish Shito with Spring Green Vegetables
Shito? It's Ghanaian ... you know, from Ghana; a paste of chillies and dried shrimp. It's a condiment and perfect for pepping up a soup or stew.

This is a simple soup/stew made up as I went along, but the ingredients are as follows:

  • Fish - some white fish
  • Onion
  • Tomato - chopped tomatoes and tomato puree
  • Spring vegetables - stringless beans from the vine, peas, in pods from the vine, asparagus and samphire
  • Flavours - garlic, ginger, more chilli, coriander, turmeric, dill, sea salt and black pepper
So, straight to it?

Fire up your favourite deep frying pan and get some fat melting - coconut oil, here.

Dice and fry off some onion. For two, I used half a large onion.

Peel and mince a couple of cloves of garlic, and toss in.

Spices - a sprinkle of ground coriander and turmeric is great!

Drop in some fish - white fish, a good helping.

Mix well into the spices and pour over a carton a chopped tomatoes, along with a good squirt of tomato puree.

Sea salt and black pepper, fresh chilli, fresh ginger and a tablespoon of shito. If you can't find shito, just grind up some chilli, salt and shrimp in a pestle and mortar.

Water ... cook on.

While it's cooking drop in some veggies. I went with what's seasonal and very available to me: stringless beans from the vine, peas, in pods from the vine, asparagus and some samphire reserved for garnish.

Hungry? Serve out into deep dish bowls and garnish with the samphire.

If you're thinking that my description of the fish is a little vague and that it might have something to do with the fish you've just read about in my Paleo Pussy! post, you might ... erm ... be onto something.

What? Come on ... three kilos of fish for a quid! It's too tempting not to ... besides, the bloomin' kitten gets most of it anyway, scavenging, so spicing it up is a way of keeping our dinner for ourselves ...