Fillet Steak & Lamb's Liver

Fillet Steak & Lamb's Liver
... because I can!

Breakfast, and the Mrs wanted Egg & Chips. It works different for guys 'n' gals, and she does seem to do better on the carbs than I do, so a good pack ahead of a busy day is not going to be an issue.

These chips were Jersey Royal Potatoes, simply sliced, par boiled and then fried off in goose fat. Easy enough. Fried eggs over, and she's done.

Me? I do like the fat, but I'd prefer a couple of things I picked up at the supermarket for an absolute song the night before ... a good sized fillet steak discounted from shy of £8 down to just over £2 and some lovely lamb liver for literally peanuts; 75p for 400g.

Plates were dressed with some spinach, sliced tomato, capers and a drizzle of olive oil, grind of black pepper and a little Icelandic ash salt.

Fillet steak, simply seared, liver, too. Liver down first, fillet steak sliced and placed over, rare, naturally.

I also had a few chips and a blob of leftover guac alongside.

Paleo breakfasting at it's very best. Does it get any better?