Cod Steaks ... and a Sort of Deconstructed Ratatouille

Cod Steaks ... and a Sort of Deconstructed Ratatouille
Beauty! Sainsbury's do North Atlantic cod steaks, frozen in packs of six for a reasonable price ... and best of all ... they're perfectly rectangular! I had to have some. Sad, I know, but I do like regularity.

From frozen, cooking takes about 30 minutes at 200C giving me plenty of time to dream up an accompanying meal.

I have courgette which really does need using up, some of which went into an impromptu starter of courgette fritters, the rest as ribbons.

I have some of chorizo which has been hanging around for quite literally ice ages; and it goes well with cod, so that's in.

Jersey Royal Potatoes are now in full swing, so that crop I picked up from the local farm shop came in handy. One each.

To complete the flavours, some sourness: tomato ... and a wild garlic pesto.

Looking at what will be on the plate, it might appear intentionally like a deconstructed ratatouille if only there was some aubergine on the plate. Maybe next time I'll do exactly that.

Re-capping all this rambing ...

It's [ingredients] cod over courgette ribbons with chorizo, Jersey Royal Potatoes, tomato and wild garlic pesto. Salt and pepper to taste.

While the cod is cooking, the rest of the meal is easy to cook through and assemble.

Peel, slice boil a couple of potatoes, just enough to cook but remain firm.

In a skillet, gently fry off some chopped chorizo and just before serving, toss the potatoes in the fat.

Shave a courgette into ribbons with a vegetable peeler and lightly steam through for a couple of minutes once the fish is ready.

Slice a tomato through and make up a pesto.

Serve out, scattering the ribbons over the plate, the potato and chorizo over, tomato slices in and amongst, cod as the crowning piece, pesto to garnish.