Basa over Jersey Royal Potatoes

Basa over Jersey Royal Potatoes
More parcel baked fish ...

With the short season for Jersey Royal Potatoes coming to a close, here's a little celebration of these wonderful 'taters.

The fish takes about 15 minutes to cook through, so fire up your oven to 200C.

Making fish parcels is simply a case of putting in good flavours and allowing the water in the fish to make its own sauce. Into a kitchen foil parcel, I went with a bed of leeks, placed the fish on, a slab of butter over, sea salt and black pepper.

Wash and scrub the potatoes, then cut into chunks. Prepare any other vegetables. I went with carrot and tenderstem broccoli, which steamed over the potatoes.

Ready to cook?

Pop the fish into the oven. Boil the potatoes and steam the veggies.

Remove the steamed veggies after a few minutes and allow the steam to evaporate off. Don't worry about them going cold - we're going to wet all the veggies up in fat later on.

When the potatoes are cooked through (shy of 15 minutes), drain and drop them into a skillet with your favourite paleo fat. Yes, goose fat for me. Pour in the other veggies, too, to enjoy a good coating in fat.

Serve out with the veggies in a bowl, or onto a plate, and gently lay the fish fillet retrieved from the oven over the top.

As I said, the fish makes it own sauce. The leeks can be just broken up and used to garnish the fish, the sauce poured over.

Lovely job!