Pan-fried Sea Bass on Griddled Watermelon [Redux]

I made up this dish the other day repeated tonight with purpose and refined a little.

30 Minutes

Peel and slice some squash pieces, committing them to the oven set to 200C, cooking off in your favourite paleo fat: goose fat, for me.

Prepare the watermelon steaks. Two each is good, maybe a couple of inches square.

20 Minutes

Place the watermelon steaks on a griddle for ten minutes (each side).

10 Minutes

Turn the watermelon.

Prepare a plate - lettuce leaves, black pepper, salt, some salad ingredients, perhaps some balsamic vinegar, maybe Tabasco, maybe olive oil.

Gut, scale, clean and fillet a sea bass. One fillet each, cut in half to give a couple of pieces each.

3 Minutes

Warm some butter in a frying pan.

Cook the sea bass fillet pieces skin side down.

0 Minutes

Turn the sea bass over to cook on the flesh side in the heat of the pan. Pan off.

Dish up, squash pieces on the plate, pouring over the fat if you like.

Watermelon steaks pushed in and amongst, sea bass pieces over.


Pan-fried Sea Bass on Griddled Watermelon

Eat, enjoy ...