Spicy Pulled Beef Brisket

Admittedly, not much of a meal, more a "while you wait" kind of snack.

While cooking beef brisket for dinner, I like to regularly turn it. Towards the end of cooking, I like to trim off any excess fat. At this point, a little chunk of meat might accidentally fall off ... Chef's Privilege.

To cook beef brisket, I like to brown off the outside and sit it in an ovenproof dish over some chopped shallots.

Sauté off some lamb's kidneys and quarter some mushrooms - throw over the meat.

Make up a good amount of liquor from beef stock and water, pour over and set in the oven at 125C for 4-6 hours.

Upon cooking, perfection!

Back to the principle of Chef's Privilege ...

This is where the Chef gets to sample the meal prior to finishing and serving.

Here, I simply pulled the beef into shreds, dotted Tabasco sauce all around (the Habanero variety) and some over the top, crowning with a couple of cubes of feta cheese to offset any fattiness, since this piece of meat was trimmed along with the excess fat.

Good taster and enhanced the anticipation.