Frizza? Paleo finds pizza via the frittata!

Simply using egg as a base, Frizza can be eaten as per pizza, in slices, so long as it is not too loaded up; as frittata, when well loaded up; keeps well in the fridge for cold leftovers.

Here's how ...

Assemble your constituent ingredients!

I had some shredded lettuce, green pepper, green beans, cucumber, tomato, leek, spring onion and chilli salsa left over, quite a lot of it, which chilled overnight had released a lot of its juice. With the remaining juice squeezed out, this will be the structure of the frittata.

I love mushrooms in omelettes, so slice up and fry off some thinly sliced chestnut mushrooms in pork fat and set aside.

Cheese topping is a must! Grate some cheddar cheese.

What makes everything taste fantastic? Bacon! Shred up some slices of good, fatty streaky bacon, fried off and set aside.

With the bacon grease still in the pan (a 10" skillet), pour in six eggs cracked into a bowl and whisked with a fork to just break the yolks.

Turn the heat down a little - we're not making an omelette or scrambled eggs. Keep lifting the egg mixture and gently moving it around the pan until a good base has started to cook but there is still egg to be cooked through.

Start to load in your ingredients - first, the leftover salsa, which will work with the remaining uncooked egg to produce a good firm base once cooked through.

Cover with the mushrooms, the bacon and the cheese. Add in a little sea salt if you like, perhaps some chillies, chilli powder or sauce, and any other flavours you want at this stage.

Once the base of the Frizza is firm, which will become evident by steam escaping between the Frizza and the pan where you can put a palette knife in just to lift gently, transfer the pan to the grill, broiler or whatever you call your overhead head sauce.

Once the cheese is fully melted, slide out onto a board. Cut into slices and dig in!