Marinated Mushroom Side

Marinated in lemon, lime and sherry vinegar, this warm salad is an excellent accompaniment to rich dishes, especially dishes rich in cream.


Slice some mushrooms, some green pepper and make some onion rings from a red onion.

Mince some garlic.

Soften some butter in a frying pan, add the garlic and toss the mushrooms until just cooked through and all the butter soaked up.

Toss in the green pepper and red onion and toss through with the mushrooms.

Slide out into a bowl and squeeze over a good lemon wedge, lime wedge and splash over some sherry vinegar. Splash some green Tabasco over, too for a gentle warming kick.

Shave some fennel and sprinkle over along with some shredded spring onions.

Allow the salad to cool and marinate - liquid will be released, so just before serving soak it up with a kitchen towel.