Offal Stew

Offal, organ meat, variety meat, whatever it is you call it, offals are the organs, offcuts and dog-ends from the butchering process - kidney, liver, lung, heart, brain, tongue, trotters, all manner of meats which paleo eaters keen on "nose to tail" consumption will no doubt be salivating at.

Slow-cooking offal meats is a superb way of making up a seriously tasty and thrifty dish.

It's not at all awful ...

Chop some shallots, carrot, celery and garlic, placing in a lidded oven proof dish. Toss in some button mushrooms, a couple of bay leaves and a few springs of thyme - strong flavours to accompany, balance and counterpoint strong meats.

Cut up and quickly flash off any meats - lamb kidney and heart in my dish, padded out later with some small 97% Pork Sausages. Toss into the oven proof dish.

Add a little tomato purée to thicken and round out the flavours, pouring over beef stock until the stew is covered.

Cook for four hours at 150C, removing the lid for the final hour, tossing in any ingredients which don't want a long cook time - I added some courgette pieces and some 97% Pork Sausages.

This final hour will reduce the liquid, thickening it, but if you want it just a little thicker feel free to add in a heaped teaspoon of arrowroot in water or strain off the stew, reducing the remaining stock on the hob whisking in butter to thicken and then pour back over the stew.

Retrieve the bay leaves and thyme springs, serving simply with something green to accompany.