Pork Rind Schnitzel

Schnitzel, traditional Austrian dish of flattened escalope breaded and fried. Traditionally, veal is used, although pork or turkey work well.

The trouble is ... the breadcrumbs.

Coating with starch flour is just not right at all and gluten-free breadcrumbs are practically frankenfood, but there is a way.

Let's keep it paleo ...

How? Pork Rinds!!!

When posting this on Mark's Daily Apple forum, I inadvertently named the thread 'Porn Rind Schnitzel' and pulled in a good few people hoping for a little more, but very pleased with what they did see. With that in mind, the instruction to "bash your meat" might be a little more something you'd expect from the guys over at Modern Paleo Warfare, but bear with me over the method.

First, make the breadcrumbs ...

Take some pork rind and whizz it up with a blender. That's it! Do cover it, though - this stuff will fly out and all over your kitchen unless properly contained. Guess how I know that?

If you've made your own crispy rinds from pork skin, great! Otherwise bought work out fine - as with all things, get the best you can and avoid anything with MSG or yeast extract (MSG incognito) and go for straight-up pork rinds with no added ingredients.

Next, give your meat a good bashing ...

I had a couple of pork escalopes and just flattening them out with a meat tenderising mallet is fine. No need to wrap in clingfilm, but if you are going to be using a rolling pin or wine bottle, covering the meat with some greaseproof paper works out just fine.

Lay out the crumbs on one plate and whisk an egg on another.

Make up the rest of your meal and plate up - this last bit takes almost no time.

Warm a couple of frying pans up, dip the meat both sides in the egg then into the breadcrumbs and quickly into the frying pan. Flip over after a couple of minutes. Done!

Serve out with a wedge of lemon.