Pan Fried Tilapia

Some days, you just want something quick and nutritious - today was one of those days. Food shopping, I happened across some fillets of tilapia that had been dramatically reduced in price and simply had to have them.

Off the cuff, I thought pan-fried and accompanied with something green would do the trick.

... and that was pretty much what I did.

Drop something green into boiling water to just cook through. I went with some tenderstem broccoli.

Warm some butter in a frying pan. Yes, warm, not fry up; we don't want the pan searing hot or it will burn the butter and the fish - we want the fish to warm through, remaining soft and delicate.

Place the fish fillets into the butter and allow to cook through on one side for a few minutes. Do not fiddle with the fish! Just leave it there and let it cook.

Gently lifting with a fish slice, turn the fillets over. Add more butter and baste regularly as the fish cooks on the other side for a few minutes.


Drain off the veggies, place on a plate to accompany the fish.

I also quickly fried off some mini-leeks and added a good blob of soured cream to the side of the plate.

Perfect! Paleo perfect!