Cod Ceviche and Salsa over Mushroom Velouté

Old World meets New!

Ceviche is a method of curing fish, marinating in citrus juice - lime or lemon.

Velouté is a classic French sauce meaning velvety and made from stock, roux and cream. We don't need the flour part of the roux since this will be thickened with the butter alone, cream and mushroom.

First, marinate slices of cod fillet in generous amounts of lemon juice. The slices should be little over a centimetre thick, sliced from a larger fillet on an angle. Add in some chilli powder or cayenne pepper for a little bite.

Allow the fish to marinate for a good hour.

Meanwhile make up the salsa and velouté ...

To make the velouté, soak some dried porchini mushrooms in hot water for a few minutes, then blend the lot to a fine puree. Pass the mixture through a sieve taking out any large pieces of mushroom, leaving a thick mushroom stock.

In a pan, melt some butter and whisk in mushroom stock with an egg whisk. Keep a little of the stock alongside to top up as necessary, but the heat should be kept low after the initial melting. Add a little cream and set the pan to reduce and thicken.

For the salsa, divide, an avocado removing each half from the skin. Cube up and place in a bowl. Slice some little tomatoes and segment an orange or grapefruit. Add to the bowl - the citrus will keep the avocado from going brown.

With the cod cured through, drain off the excess juice and sit the cod pieces on a piece of kitchen roll to dry off. No need to pat dry.

Spoon out the mushroom velouté onto a plate, placing the salsa over, gently laying the cod pieces over and garnish with chive, coriander or chervil.