Turkey & Mushroom Omelette

More leftover goodness!

Actually, the last of the Christmas Dinner leftovers - the last of the turkey.

Time to make something really special ...

Somewhere between an omelette and a pizza, combining turkey with earthy chestnut mushrooms, chillies, cheese and eggs.

Begin with preparation ...

Slice the mushrooms into really thin slices and dry off in some bacon grease. Bacon grease and mushrooms just works so well. Place the mushrooms on a board while you do the next bit.

Slice the turkey really thin and fry off in the greased pan. The aim here is to get the refridgerated turkey fully heated through and any potential salmonella killed off. Place onto a board while you make up the eggs.

Collect 3 eggs per person into a bowl and stir up just enough to break the yolks - we're after an interesting white and yolk texture once cooked.

Drop a knob of butter into a frying pan and once melted, pour in the eggs. Allow the egg to sit in the pan and catch here and there, stir around, repeat, stir around and take off the heat temporarily once all the liquid is just about cooked through.

Sprinkle some dried chilli flakes over to offset potential sickliness in the eggs.

Arrange the turkey and mushroom slices around the omelette and return to the hob to cook the base through to firm but without burning.

Grate some cheese over and place under the grill, broiler, salamader, whatever you call it until the cheese has melted.

Voila! Omelette meets Pizza!

Slde out onto a board and divide up, placing a couple of slices of pickled gherkin, tomato, or something tart alongside.