... a break from all this potato.

I promise there'll be no bread - this is about the burgers, just the burgers and nothing but the burgers.

Burgers are fantastic! It's that simple.

Take some minced meat and form it into a patty - fry it and eat it! Too easy!

Sometimes, those patties can look a little raggy and you wonder just how the supermarkets and butchers make their nice round packs of meat.

Here's how ...

Take some meat ... any meat ... and get it minced. That's ground to folks the wrong side of the pond. Ground, minced, whatever the language, it wants to be minced.

Place the measured amount into a bowl - a pound, half a pound, whatever makes a good amount to divide into quarter pounders.

In this illustration, I went with lamb, beef and pork.

Select some spices, herbs and flavours you want for your meat - you can use onion, garlic, capers, gherkin, oregano, coriander, ground cumin, ground coriander, cayenne pepper, chilli powder, whatever YOU want to put in.

I went for the following:

Beef - garlic, onion and oregano.
Lamb - onion, ground coriander and white pepper.
Pork - onion, cayenne pepper and chilli powder.

Add the ingredients together in a mixing bowl and simply squeeze the meat through your fingers a few times. This will break down some of the proteins in the meat giving a more sausage meat texture and blends all the ingredients together.

So, to forming the look of a bought burger ...

You'll need a Chef's forming ring, into which you drop a quarter pound of the meat, press it down with a spoon, level it up and remove the ring.

Grill, broil, or whatever you use as an overhead source of heat, or grille, griddle, or whatever you call an underneath source of heat.

Both sides ... done! Serve up with large lettuce leaves, some sauce, some tomato, cucumber, shredded lettuce, minted soured cream, whatever you like with your burgers.

Consume greedily and noisily ... and enjoy!