Scallops with Sea Vegetables

Having boiled down the carcass of chicken or poussin from a previous meal and made beautiful healing broth, a second boiling can be made for a more delicate, subtle flavoured soup.

Something like this ...

Take some seaweed, packed with iodine, magnesium and other goodies which be elusive in paleo food sources picked from modern farming, and immerse in the broth.

Dried seaweed is perfectly good, and you will find bags of such produce in the World Foods section of your supermarket.

Once the seaweed has reconstituted, clean up a couple of scallops.

Scallops are a further source of magnesium, an excellent pack of vitamin B12 and concentrated source of selenium, particularly.

Warm a little butter in a frying pan until it just browns and drop the scallops in. Scallops should need little more than a half a minute on each side to just colour up and warm through, while retaining all the softness.

Set the scallops into the soup, maybe hinting with a drop of walnut oil for heady aromatics.

Drink deep and partake of all that nourishing goodness of rare micronutrients.