Pork Scratchings!

Known the world over under all manner of names, pork rind is a seriously tasty and perfectly paleo snack.

I'm calling mine Pork Scratchings, since that's what we know them as in the UK, and will keep the name despite them not being deep fried.

I'm not one for snacking, preferring to go from meal to meal and savour any hunger in between.

I'm also not one for waste!

I'm making Puerco Pibil, that meal Johnny Depp's character in 'Once Upon a Time in Mexico' will execute the Chef for if it is too good, thus restoring balance to the country. I decided to use belly pork and then pull the fibres from the fat and skin.

The skin left over, not totally scraped of fat, but not too much, seasoned lightly with a little sea salt and then put under the grill. That's the broiler, salamander, whatever you call your overhead heat source.

Couple of minutes ...

Puffed up and cracking up a beauty!

Cut roughly, place on a sheet of kitchen paper and push into a bowl. Pass around ...