Posh Bubble & Squeak!

Bubble & Squeak? Are you on the same planet as the rest of us?

I am! I promise you!

Bubble & Squeak is a traditional British breakfast leftover item. Part of the full English breakfast, Bubble & Squeak is simply mashed potato and cabbage ... you know ... left over from the Sunday roast.

Some recipes are happy to include just about everything, but it's pretty much mash up what you've got left from Sunday dinner and fry it off. Similar dishes exist all over northern Europe and Scandinavia - the Swedish pyttipanna is pretty close, but not as gorgeous!

Again, it's a paleo+ thing with potato as the key constituent and more so, cheese in this one.

Posh? Yes, it's made from Aligot ... see: Aligot with Faggots ... uses Cavolo Nero as the cabbage part. Cavolo Nero is a black kale. Exotic to some, commonplace to others.

So, to work ...

Melt some butter in a frying pan.

Toss in the mashed potato and break it up a bit.

Toss in shredded cabbage, kale, something very green and incorporate it into the potato.

Keep tossing, turning, combining until it's all warm and slide it out onto a plate.

Accompany with whatever you like - I'd suggest bacon, sausage and a fried egg, and get about your day.

Worried about the carbs? No drama - all that fat lowers the glycemic load. Check out Fat and the Glycemic Index: The Myth of Complex Carbohydrate