Leftover Egg White Breakfast

Eggs are gorgeous!

It really is that simple - get the best you can and you will be eternally rewarded.

I buy farm eggs from my local farm and generally get that day's lay. The whites are strong and collected around the yolk making for perfect poached eggs and plump fried eggs, a shame to just boil.

When they're low, or I am too late, I go for a brand from my local supermarket called Happy Eggs from chicks who are not only ensured to be free range, outdoor and organically reared, they are encouraged to play!

The farm eggs have been absolutely gorgeous and we made hay while the sun shone, so to speak, in these dark, cold, winter nights with a starter to lift the soul - Eggs Benedict.

Hollandaise uses the yolks, leaving the whites.

But what to do with the whites?

Meringue is the obvious thing, but you really need sugar - it is hopeless with non-sugar sweeteners and Stevia is banned in the UK, not that I wouldn't use either anyway.

Why not just fry them as a yolkless fried egg?

Better still, why not do just that but add in a large egg with a yolk as well!

Let's get cracking ...

First, get some bacon under the grill, broiler; or on the griddle, grill, or whatever our language dictates. I like streaky bacon from the belly.

Next, get something green cooking - seaweed or spinach are ideal. I went for some spinach. Once wilted, sprinkle a little white pepper over and stir in.

When the bacon is about done, get a frying pan on with some butter. I use an 8" pan which is perfect for four egg whites plus one whole egg.

Pour in the egg whites and allow the base to whiten. Push it to one side with the spatula and roll the liquid white back onto the now bare bit. Repeat until there is just a light topping of uncooked white.

Crack a further egg into the bare patch having just pushed aside the whites for the last time and allow to cook on the hob for a short while.

Retrieve the bacon from under the grill, dust the fried eggs with cayenne pepper, chilli powder or paprika and put under the grill for a couple of minutes until the whites are fully cooked, but the yolk not.

Slide the eggs out onto a plate.

Place the spinach (or seaweed) in a nice pile alongside the yolk - yolks and spinach are a curious, but gorgeous marriage, laying the bacon alongside.

Just a little sea salt on the yolk and you're ready to go ...

Eat! Eat! Eat!