Blueberries and Hazelnuts with Yoghurt and Cream

Breakfast, dessert, or just a snack on an energetic day ...

Nuts are somewhat oddly billed as the perfect paleo snack despite being packed with omega-6 oils and have a high phytic acid profile - Chris Kressler gives is the detail.

I don't eat a lot of nuts but when I do, I like Brazil, Macadamia and Hazel.

I don't eat a lot of berries, preferring to pick them in their season and make the most of them at the time, but I do have blueberries in quite regularly.

I am led to understand that the phytic acid content in the nuts can be lessened by soaking or fermenting. You can look into the process for doing that if you like, but for me, it's so infrequent that I'm not that bothered ...

I like to make up a nice berry and nut dish by placing a couple of good spoons of probiotic full fat natural yoghurt in a bowl and splashing some cream over, just to make it especially indulgent and full fat!

Next, sling some berries - mixed raspberry, blackberry, blueberry, whatever you have in; I had only blueberries available.

Next, sling some nuts over - I only had Hazels, so that's all that went on.

Finally, grab a spoon and dig in!