Swedish for small pieces in the pan, similar to the British hodgepodge Bubble & Squeak, Pyttipanna is a thrifty meal of leftover meat, potatoes, fried and a fried egg on top.

Sounds great!

Let's keep it paleo ...

My little ode to the rustic Pyttipanna was a starter.

I had a lot of leftover beef from a Sunday roast and so thought to make up a little taster - a Pyttipanna in miniature.

I use some swede instead of potato and a poached quail egg to top.

Here's how ... this will work for a full dish, taster, starter, or whatever you want to make.

Take the leftover beef out of the fridge and cube up.

Traditionally, cube up some potato - waxy is best. Any root veg will do - swede, rutabaga, parsnip, carrot, whatever.

Soften some pastured butter in a frying pan, toss in some chopped onion and cook off the root veg. Pre-boil the veg for a few minutes if you like, but it's not necessary.

Toss in the meat and continue to fry until the meat and veg is coloured and cooked through.

Meanwhile, cube some pickled beetroot and pickled gherkin.

Slide the meat and veg onto a plate, toss over the beetroot and gherkin and then crack an egg into the frying juices. Lay the fried egg over - there, proper Pyttipanna.

Alternatively, made much smaller and more delicately, place a small amount of meat and veg in the middle of a plate and carefully place a few pieces of beetroot and gherkin around.

Meanwhile, boil up a pan of water and crack a couple of quail eggs in to poach. This takes literally seconds.

Retrieve the eggs, dry off and place over the Pyttipanna.

Dress with dill.