Open Burgers

Inspired by somewhere between Danish open sandwiches and paleo-style burger meat in lettuce leaves, here's a really fun way of setting up burgers.

This is your burger! Get the best meat. I went for Aberdeen Angus fillet and had it minced.

Once cold, squeeze it between your fingers a few times to break down the structure. Form into a burger patty - that it! That's all there is to burgers. No rusk, no egg, no onion, no more fat. This is the perfect burger!

Put some streaky bacon under the grill.

Pop a couple of eggs into boiling water.

Get your griddle pan on the heat and get it smoking hot before dropping your burgers on. Once flipped over, add a slice of cheese - I used gruyere.

Meanwhile, build the plate ...

Set out a couple of choice lettuce leaves - I used British Cos Lettuce.

Add a good blob of mayonnaise or guacamole; something fatty.

Lay the cheese burgers on this bed.

The streaky bacon should now be done, lay these on the cheese burgers.

Pop a good blob of tomato  ketchup on this - make up your own if you will not eat bought ketchup.

Lay slices of tomato and gherkin on top and to crown, slices of boiled egg.


Of course if you just wanted to eat a burger, grille your burger, lay some cheese on and pop between a couple of lettuce leave with whatever you want:

See: http://livingintheiceage.pjgh.co.uk/2011/10/leftover-burger-wrap.html