Turkey Stroganoff

Stroganoff is a Russian dish of sautéed meat and soured cream, or smetana.

Popular worldwide, Stroganoff has grown to incorporate many combinations of tastes, flavours and textures, from the inclusion of vegetables, mushrooms, pasta or rice, served inside crepes, as a topping to baked potato and made with almost any cut of meat, even sausage.

I'm going to use turkey ...

Stroganoff is a quick dish for which preparation is the key.

Slice up some turkey breast into small strips. I also shredded some streaky bacon for a salty, fatty flavour.

Prepare any vegetables that will accompany the meat - I used yellow pepper, asparagus tips and ribbons of courgette for fettuccine.

Using a frying pan or sauté pan, warm the bacon through and remove the bacon leaving the fat. Set the bacon aside. Sauté the the vegetables in the fat and set aside.

Colour through and cook the turkey strips, adding in the bacon, the vegetables and combine well.

Remove from the heat and drop in a good helping of cream - crème fraiche, soured cream, smetana or even double cream will do just fine. Grind in some freshly milled black pepper and sea salt, if required.

Once warmed through and combined into the meat and vegetables, serve out.