Lamb & Aubergine Stuffed Peppers

Damn! What a terrible picture of a dish which was sooooo tasty.

Lamb and aubergine go together so well, the lamb softening potential bitterness while aubergine guards against overly fatty lamb. What a marrige!

Let's get matchmaking ...

In a saute pan, soften some finely chopped onions in some lard or butter. Add in a good few cloves of minced garlic.

Drop in the lamb mince, soften and brown.

Add a couple of plum tomatoes from a can, reserving the remainder of the can for an additional sauce. Pulp the tomatoes down and feel free to add a squirt of tomato puree to enhance the tomato.

Cube up an aubergine into centimetre cubes and toss into the pan.

Once the aubergine is slightly softened and has absorbed some of the residual fat, salt and pepper to taste and pour on some water.

Cook on a low heat on the hob for a couple of hours, topping up the water when necessary.

Meanwhile, make up a tomato sauce by pulping down the remainder of the can of plum tomatoes and cooking on a low heat to reduce the liquid.

Add in a chilli or two and quarter some small tomatoes for adding at the end.

When the meat is about ready, halve a couple of peppers and set them into an oven on a medium heat, say 150C, for 15 minutes or so to soften.

Toss the fresh tomatoes into the tomato sauce and build the plate.

Lay the peppers halves onto the plate and optionally place a few cubes of feta into each.

Spoon the meat into the pepper halves and top with the tomato sauce.