Leftover Texas Chili Omelette

Leftovers are always fun, providing seriously interesting combinations for breakfast!

With a bowl of last evening's Texas Chili in the fridge, I set about making an awesome paleo breakfast.

Let's get cracking ...

Eggs, that is. For a couple of people, crack five large eggs into a bowl and gently whisk until the yolks are broken and just combined.

Eggs should be free range at the very least, woodland reared are best since the chickens are left to roam, peck and scratch for grubs natural to their diet, and the taste difference is evident.

Warm the leftover chilli through.

Place a good block of butter in a large frying pan and pour over the egg mixture. Move it around every so often to create a little interest in the omelette and introduce any uncooked areas to the heat of the pan. Once just set, sprinkle over some grated cheese and some finely sliced mushrooms. If you've exclude dairy, just leave out the cheese.

Slide the omelette out onto a board and cut in half - half each on clean plates.

I love sauerkraut and so placed a bed of sauerkraut on my half along with a number of shakes of green Tabasco.

Spoon over some chilli, top with more cheese, some chopped pickled chillies and a blob of Greek yoghurt.

Fold the sides of the omelette half up around and squirt over some table sauce. Again, if you're off bought sauces, garnish however you like.