Paleo Gin Fizz

Gin, the perfect aperitif!

Gin & Tonic is the perfect aperitif! The downside for paleo folk is that most tonics have a substantial quantity of sugar or worse, aspartame!

Tonic Water is a classic British Empire drink, blended to push the anti-malaria, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties of the bark of the cinchona tree into its finest and brightest out in Her colonies!

Sugar was used as a means of making the very bitter bark more palatable. Nowadays, the quinine is manufactured and the drink so far removed from those Colonial days, that we wonder ...

Do we really need it now?

So, how to make a modern gin aperitif and keep it paleo?


Tall glass. Ice cube. Wedge of lime ... squeezed. Dropped in.

Angostura Bitters* ... just a couple of drops to make "pink gin" ...

Gin ... two shots ...

Soda water (that's fizzy water to you Yanks!) to top up to taste.


Easy as Gordons!

* Angostura Bitters - see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Angostura_bitters