Poutine is a dish of French Fries and curd cheese covered in gravy - the famous Montreal Poutine.

Inspired by this, I set out to make a more paleo-friendly version using up a few leftover ingredients.

Let's get busy ...

Peel and slice up some white potatoes into French Fries. Maris Piper variety is good for this purpose, as is Yukon Gold.

Fry the fries in dripping.

I keep a bowl of dripping in the fridge and scrape it into a small fryer. Once the food has been fried, the dripping is poured back into the bowl, allowed to cool and then returned to the fridge.

Meanwhile, get a beef gravy going. I used the meat and leftover cooking juices from a slow-cooked beef brisket. The gravy should be a middle consistency - not glutinous, nor watery.

Throw a few salad leaves into a bowl and drop a few spoons of curd cheese over. Curd cheese is similar to cream cheese and cottage cheese - cottage cheese can be strained and blended until smooth. I didn't have any of these, so just used some mayonnaise.

Drain the excess fat off the fries and scatter over.

Pour over the gravy, grind a little freshly milled black pepper over and maybe a splash of Tabasco to liven things up.

Dig in!