Mozzarella Angus Burgers

Made from the raw milk of grass fed water buffalo, Mozzarella is a good, fatty cheese which tastes great cold and turns to a soft stringy texture when warmed.

The Aberdeen Angus breed is recognised throughout the world whose meat has a tender, rich flavour. As used by Burger King UK for their premium burgers, minced meat from this breed makes excellent burgers - alas, Burger King Angus burgers don't hit the spot for me and so after a disappointing burger that afternoon I set out to make some proper paleo burgers.

Take the cold meat out of the fridge and place into a mixing bowl. Cold meat is important for texture. One kilo will make four good sized half pounder burgers, or even six to eight quarter pounder burgers. Tenderise the meat by squeezing it through your fingers a few times - the result should be that the meat is softened, but not warmed.

Finely chop a small onion and mix into the meat.

Salt and pepper to taste, add in some herbs, chopped chillis for a little pep and any other flavours you want at this stage.

Cut up the mozzarella ball into a few slices, divide the meat into four and take one portion, forming into a burger shape. Now squash it down flatter and place a slice of mozzarella on, folding the meat back around. Reform into a thick burger shape. If you do not partake of dairy, just leave the mozzarella out.

Place the burgers back into the fridge for 15 minutes, or so, to firm up.

Pre-heat a flat pan or griddle pan and with a little oil patted onto the burger place them in the pan. Cook on one side on a high heat for a couple of minutes, flip and colour the other side for a couple of minutes.

Drop the heat, flip back over and cook through for 5 ish minutes each side until the mozarella can be seen to be soft and oozing from the burger. I like to add a little butter to sit on the top and soak in during this stage.

Meanwhile, prepare some large lettuce leaves - I like British Cos for the structure and slightly bitter flavour.

Make up some guacamole, maybe some chopped gherkin, tomatoes, chillis, your favourite paleo sauces ... whatever.

Build the burger by buttering the leaf with some guacamole or sauce, place the burger on, top with whatever you choose, fold up and chow down!

I'm lovin' it ...