Leftover Burger Wrap

One for Finn & Greg, my paleo pals (northerners, too ... northern English, that is) over at Modern Paleo Warfare - he's a great food blogger, cross-fitter (whatever one of those is) and a damn good read ... a damn good adult read, so put the kids to bed and enjoy an adult take on the paleo lifestyle!

Much respect, mate! Keep on cooking and keep it paleo!

Anyway ...

Last night I made up some more Aberdeen Angus burgers, this time with no onion - meat, just meat and nothing else. 100% beef, like McDonalds' do ... but with Burger King meat. This is the perfect burger!

Even cool, it's hot ...

Method? Erm ... take some minced Aberdeen Angus meat and squeeze it between your fingers a few times to break it up, soften it and get it ready for burgers.

Form the meat into burger patties and return to the fridge to re-harden.

Cook in a pre-heated frying pan with no fat, just the burgers, nothing else - a couple of minutes each side and then drop the heat to cook them through maybe 5 minutes on each side more.


Serve up however you do and enjoy - this is the best of all worlds and pretty much pure paleo!

Leftovers? Yeah ... just chuck 'em in the fridge and enjoy for breakfast.

How? It's a thick bit of meat, so cut it in half through the middle, place on a large lettuce leaf buttered with mayonnaise, sour cream or even natural yoghurt.

Fold up and cram in your mouth ... chew ... swallow ... feel awesome for the day to come!