Döner Kebab

Ahhh ... the classic Doner Kebab, favoured by drunken louts, late night after a serious binge and destined for the gutter one way or the other.

Actually, Doner Kebab is pretty damn tasty ... especially cold the next day, which is a left-over idea for this recipe.

Doner Kebab literally means "rotating meat" - a large pack of meat formed into a huge sausage something like 9" thick and skewered right through, set in front of a grill on a rotating spit. Pieces of meat are shaved off and conveyed to the customer in a pitta bread with a light salad of lettuce, onion, tomato and cucumber, accompanied by a mint yoghurt sauce or a hot chilli sauce.

What a treat ... but how to keep it paleo?

Good meat should be used, and it should be lamb mince. Good, fatty lamb mince, not lean.

Chill the mince. That's ground lamb to folks over that side of the pond.

Place the mince in a mixing bowl and add in some spices - cumin, coriander, cayenne pepper, chilli powder, fenugreek, whatever blend it is you like.

Squeeze the mince through your fingers a few times. Take care not to warm the meat too much, but do ensure that the strands of meat are well broken down. Re-chill.

Form the mixture around skewers - you can use wood or metal, but if you use wood, pre-soak them for an hour so that they do not burn under the grill. The kebabs should be about an inch in thickness. If it is easier, make a thick sausage and poke a skewer through afterwards.

Place the kebabs under the grill, broiler or whatever it is you call your overhead source of heat, or better still, on a barbecue, grill, or whatever it is you call a hot coal fired underneath heat source. Confusing, eh? Good job we've not been drinking ...

Right! The meat is now well chargrilled, grilled, heated, browned and even a little burned by whatever means you used. It should also be cooked through.

Set the kebabs aside for just a couple of minutes to lose the fierce heat and then slice as thin as you can. If you get a thick slice, lay it flat and try to slide it thinner on the flat.

You should be left with a plate of meat slices.

Why not just make a thin flat minced lamb pattie and slice it? Well, it's all about giving the appearance and texture of having shaved these slices off a larger kebab.

Pop the slices into a hot oven for a few minutes to dry out further and colour up.

Serve out in a bowl with salad to accompany - onion is essential, cucumber, too, tomato if you like, even boiled egg slices if that floats your boat! This is your treat kebab!

Smother with whatever sauce you like - I used a Habanero sauce. Garlic and mint in yoghurt is also a popular sauce and there's no reason not to have both mint and chilli sauces on your kebab.

Make up wraps using strong lettuce leaves like Cos, laying strips of meat in, more sauce and sprinkle salad on top. Do this before, during or after drinking lots of alcohol, or just enjoy it with a glass of clean, fresh water.

Burp! Love it!