Salmon over Crab, Bacon and Avocado

Crab, bacon and avocado go together to make a perfect threesome, but how to make a full meal out of this menage a trois? Add some fish and an egg!

Here's how ...

Fry off some streaky bacon cut into small ribbons. Place in a bowl.

Drain a tin of crab meat, reserving the juice for later. Warm through in the same frying pan to get the majority of the liquid off. Place in a bowl.

Cube an avocado and place in the bowl, mixing all the ingredients well. Add any other flavours - chilli, ginger, garlic, spring onion, paprika, whatever you like. I used ginger and a good splash of Tabasco.

Boil and egg and cut into slices.

Using a Chef's forming ring, press the crab, bacon and avocado down to form the base and lay slices of boiled egg over.

Now fry the fish ...

Having melted some butter in a frying pan, cook on the presentation side for a couple of minutes, flip the fish over and continue to cook on the skin side, basting the presentation side with the butter in the pan.

Once the skin is really crispy and the fish cooked through, pat a pesto crust onto the presentation side and sit under the grill for a couple more minutes.

Pesto is simply a case of combining nuts with herbs in olive oil. Popular combinations include pine nut with basil and walnut with parsley. I used pine nut with basil.

Meanwhile, reduce the crab stock and whisk in cubes of butter to make a thick jus. Toss some cubes tomato in for further colour and a tangy flavour to offset the soft butteriness.

Spoon the jus around the forming ring and then remove it.

Lay the fish on top of the crab, bacon, avocado and egg, topping with a couple of spears of asparagus and dressing the plate further with herbs or leaves - I used spinach leaves and a cube of feta.