Scallops in a Bird Nest

Matchstick chips, or fries depending upon where you are in the world make the bird nest for this simple dish.

We're going to use butternut squash ...

Boil an egg, cool and slice. Lay out in a circle on a circular plate or in a line on a rectangular plate.

Prepare some matchstick chips from butternut squash - the sweetness works so well to compliment the sweetness of the scallops and is not at all the same sweetness.

Any root vegetable, even bacon or chorizo, can be used for the matchstick chips for variation.

Shallow or deep fry the matchstick chips. Settle a little nest on the egg base.

Warm some pastured butter in a frying pan and sear the scallops, taking care not to overcook. The insides should be warm, tender and soft. Place the scallops on the nest of matchstick chips.

Splash a few drops of Tabasco sauce over the scallops for additional flavour.